STARTHILFEKENIA strives to sustainably strengthen the position of poor women in African society. By providing education, training and access to finance, STARTHILFEKENIA aims to achieve economic and sustainable independence for these women.

“STARTHILFEKENIA” is German and means “Help to start in Kenya”. This means that the purpose of the loans granted by STARTHILFEKENIA is to enable people, especially women, to become self- employed. Therefore STARTHILFEKENIA offers not only finance but also support and training in general economic knowledge and entry to the market. STARTHILFEKENIA is a programme that redistributes the repayments received from one group to another. As such the money remains in Kenya/Africa.

An overview of the process involved in obtaining a microcredit loan from STARTHILFEKENIA can be found here.

If you are interested in a microcredit, please contact our Microcredit Project Manager, Sr. Lelia Kosonei, or fill out the form below. Sr. Lelia will then guide you through the process. and answer all your questions.

Sister Lelia coordinates the groups in Kenya for STARTHILFEKENIA. Please contact her directly using the form below or call her at +254 721 426961

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    Sr. Margret Lelia in Rakwaro
    Pphone: +254 721 426961

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    Alternatively, you can download the document “How to get the loan”, with an overview of the allocation process, here: